Kickstarter Programme

In the highly competitive real estate industry, an agency’s greatest risk lies in becoming stagnant, in failing to adapt to the ever-changing economic circumstances or overcoming new challenges. A learning organization is what every organization should strive to be to remain sustainable – committing to constantly learning, growing and improving business processes. In recent times, the property market has been greatly impacted by economic crises, soft property markets, low buyer sentiment, and most recently, the coronavirus pandemic.

As countries begin to recover from imposed lockdowns, organizations will be under pressure to try and ramp up its operations to pre-pandemic levels. The focus on training and talent development will be a key factor in achieving business sustainability as organizations will inevitable have to learn new operational methods that meets the requirements of social distancing and maintaining the health and safety of all its stakeholders.

Leadership and management training courses are specialized programs designed to help you learn new leadership techniques and refine old skills to run your team, including assertive communication, motivation methods, and coaching.  Leadership training is ideal for anyone in a supervisory role, from people who have just stepped up to a new position to more experienced managers who want to keep on top of their game.

We’re in the digital age. We have artificial intelligence making decisions in our home, robots to clean homes, and more computing power in our mobile phones than the computers used in the rockets that landed men on the Moon. So, it’s no surprise that some of the best leadership training programs for managers are online.

The Kickstarter Programme was established as a stepping stone for new and veteran agents who wish to enhance their career in real estate. Even though the programme has commenced prior to the MCO, its relevance has never been more necessary until now. This training programme not only creates great networking opportunities, but also maintains a strong focus on integrating new property sales techniques that can benefit agents post-MCO.

Centred around three key objectives, the Kickstarter Programme is crafted to explore ideas and proven methods on how to become an effective real estate negotiator both on a personal and professional level. The key objectives include:

  • Development of the right skills, knowledge and attitude;
  • Sharpen social skills for effective client communication;
  • Build a comprehensive network among industry peers and create a support system;
  • Positive changes in behavior related to negotiation, influence, communication & greater self-awareness; and
  • Research-based content continually evolving to focus on the issues that matter most in today’s global frontier.

This comprehensive training programme will be led by key figures that are actively involved in the real estate industry. Speakers’ specialties include home insurance, loan approval processes, innovative marketing strategies, successful client management practices and more. The entire property sales pipeline will be thoroughly discussed via an interactive platform, both online and in-person. The Kickstarter Programme is tailor made to introduce property agents to new sales processes in this post-pandemic era, taking into account social distancing requirements, repercussions of the loan moratorium, impacts of the lowered overnight policy rate (OPR) on homeownership, and promotions introduced by developers.

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