5 Reasons To Embark On Being A Real Estate Negotiator

People usually think that being a real estate negotiator (REN) is very challenging. It is undeniable that you will face a lot of challenges and required to attend multiple trainings despite a busy schedule in order to achieve monthly sales target. Hence, a REN need to maintain positive vibes and pours in efforts in order to achieve their goals. However, being one comes with multiple perks that makes it one of the most appealing career. Below are the reasons:

  1. Earning a lucrative income.

How much do the average RENs make? The base line would depend on how much time and effort the person is willing to commit to his real estate works. Naturally, the more committed the person is, the more he/she earns. Sky is NOT the limit, our mind is!

  1. Having a flexible schedule.

One of the advantage of being a REN is your work schedule is flexible. Unlike most jobs where you are required to work during office hours, being a REN allows you to plan your own timing. Meeting with clients, setting up appointment for viewings, or even submitting cases to your agency, there is no need to rush or chase for time as the time is managed entirely by yourself.

  1. Challenging yet very rewarding.

Assisting your clients according to their needs and requests on property-related matters seems simple but in fact, there are a lot of challenges. For instance, convincing them and catering to their diverse needs are not easy. You must have high patience and always be positive when facing clients who might make you angry and impatient at times. Despite that, if you manage to handle all the difficulties and demands, you will obtain a sense of achievement and satisfaction as well as self-confidence in your own ability.

  1. No age limit.

There is no age limit if you wish to embark on being a REN. The utmost matter here is the desire to learn new things, willingness to face and overcome challenges, and developing your skills. Your age don’t determine your success, your mindset do!

  1. Guidance and support provided by the Real Estate company.

“Yes, I want to be a part of your team, but I don’t know how to be a good one, and dealing with various customers is not easy. What about the marketing?”

Most people will feel afraid when venturing into a new career path which they do not really know about. But, in Oriental Real Estate Sdn Bhd, we are always ready with our hands stretched out to support our RENs whenever they need us. The RENs’ success defines our success, that is why we emphasize on guiding them and giving them sufficient training to improve their skills and knowledge.

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