6/1/2023, 4:04:02 AM

Why Do Owners Need to Hire a REAL ESTATE AGENT?

Some of the main concerns of owners who rent out their property include whether the tenant is taking care of their property, will the tenant pay the rent on time, the maintenance and repair of their property, and maintaining tenant relationships so that tenants will stay longer. Find a buyer to purchase the properties is also one of the reasons that make the owners worry too. This is where Real Estate Agents (REN) come into picture, providing the necessary services to help owners take away their headaches.

The main question here is why owners need to hire a REN? What kind of benefits the owners can get for hiring a REN?

For more information, let us read on the REASONS hiring REN as follows:

  1. Have Qualifications and License.

Real Estate Agents are qualified and licensed whereby their names have been registered under the Board of Valuers, Appraisals, Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVEAP) and for those who wish to get the official certification, they have to take courses and pass the state exam. 

  1. Screen and Filter Potential Tenants.

This process involves checking the background of the potential tenant including their credit, history of previous tenancy, employment validity, and others. 

  1. Have Connections with Others in the Industry and Community.

They have connections with others in the industry and community, for instance, any title companies, inspectors, contractors, and appraisers. For this reason, the real estate agents might know what the best for your needs will be and can get you in touch with the right contact.

  1. Understand the Market Trends.

A professional agent will always make research and keep updated with the current trend such as the property prices, advertisement, demand and supply as well as the community. This will help us to find a good offer as we do not have much time to do research by ourselves.

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