5 Basic Rules to Décor House

Building a home is a dream in every family life. In order to build a beautiful home, it starts with having a beautiful house that represents your personality and social image. It is also a place that tells others about the people staying in it and we need to make it the best possible for us. Therefore, today we will discuss and share 5 basic rules on how to décor your interior design home.

Lets’ read these simple basic rules you must apply to create your interior design home :


  1. 3/3 Vertical rule

This concept comes from a designer named Mark McCauley and was brought forth from stripping down nature to colors. As for your information, there is 3 mode of colors according to nature that surround us:


  1. Lightest – The sky, the clouds, and sunlight
  2. Medium tone – Like plants, building, the bodies of water
  3. Dark Colours – Like the soil, mud, earth


When it comes to applying the colors, the dark colors tone should be applied on the floor (below), followed by medium tones for the walls (middle), and the lightest tone on the ceiling (top). This would give the place a good contrast of colour blending and making it look more natural.


  1. 60-30-10 Rule

This rule is all about creating the perfect color palette for your space. This rule here consists of 60% main color, 30% secondary color, and 10% accent color.

The 60% color usually is for your walls (paint or wallpaper), rugs/carpet, and sometimes a sofa. This is the largest part, so it must be natural. While 30% color is for window treatments, accent chairs, beddings, furniture, and accent wall. It also can be a good trim, carpet, rugs, lining, textiles as long as you vary the tone to give the room look alive. 10% will be your bold color choices. This includes the decor, artworks, and also the small items such as the throw pillows. When you are not sure which accent color will look best, you can take the color from an artwork or depend on the larger furniture. 10% color could be the board and metallic too.


  1. Rule of Odds

This rule is about how to arrange or group items in a given space. Note that odd number of items provides more balance and visually appeal than even number of items. Three is a magical number but if the area is larger, you can arrange 5-7 but you have to remember 2 rules:


  1. The item must be unique to create visual entrance.
  2. One of the items should have the earth colour to look different than other items.


  1. Height Variation

You should never put two items of the same height next to each other. Try to look at your display cabinet, or your console in your homes right now. And see if it looks good as a whole. The height variation creates separation so it does not look flat at all cause your eyes bounce over each item. So, now you have varied the height of objects, but what do you do if one object is too short for the other? And what if the variation is too wide? This happens in vertical & horizontal items. So, let’s refer to rule number 5 to resolve this matter.


  1. Use Height Riser

Use the other objects to add height to it and this way will make the item look more cohesive and press the gap. You can put any items under the object such as books and boxes.

Lastly, remember to take your time – don’t rush your decisions when it comes to your home. Let things evolve, there’s no need to finish things in record time. Get inspirations and ideas to décor homes from magazines, blogs, etc. May these tips help you to determine the best choices for your homes.